Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Kaftani Law Firm is an Athens-based Law Office with accumulated expertise and experience in Property Law, Administrative Law, Contract Law, Construction Law, Public Procurement Law, EU Law, (competition, State aid and matters of free movement of persons, goods and services) Environmental Law, Urban planning Law, Litigation, Arbitration and Mediation.

We provide full legal support in dispute resolution before the Supreme Courts (Council of State, Court of Cassation, Court of Audit), Courts of arbitration and administrative authorities. Our lawyers have acted as advisors to the Greek government and other governmental agencies.

We possess the necessary skills and experience to ensure legal support to our clients at every step of pursuing an investment in real estate property. Our lawyers give advice on everything from property investment to urban planning law and environmental protection.

Within this scope, our office provides in-depth legal services in connection with:

  • legal due diligence on real estate
  • transaction implementation: negotiation and elaboration of property acquisition contracts, building contracts, etc.
  • property management and operation: tenancy, leasing and time-sharing contracts, operational regulation, management contracts.
  • representation in court and dispute resolution.
  • constant monitoring and update on amendments of the applicablelegislation.
  • Our legal expertise covers all types of realty, either contained within a town/city plan or not, including residential buildings, commercial property, tourist settlements, industrial infrastructures and hospitals.

We cover the full spectrum of construction contracts (private construction contracts, FIDIC contracts, public procurement contracts, concession contracts and PPPs contracts). It is notable that we have handled several projects and disputes that have arisen before the National courts.

We provide full legal support to contracting authorities and private companies in connection with the award and implementation of all kinds of construction contracts and infrastructure projects. Our expertise and know-how cover all aspects of legal practice in this field including:

  • Drafting of invitations to tender, tender documents and contractual documents.
  • Legal advice on the preparation of bids for participation in public tenders for the award of public procurement contracts (public works contracts, supply contracts and services contracts).
  • Legal support during the tender procedure.
  • Full legal support in relation to the drafting, negotiation and implementation of public procurement contracts, public concession contracts, PPPs contracts and contracts for the construction of infrastructure.
  • Full legal support in dispute resolution before administrative authorities, courts and courts of arbitration, both during the tender procedure and in the course of the project implementation (objections, interim measures and petitions for annulment etc.)
  • Client representation before the Hellenic Court of Audit in the context of the preventive audit of public contracts.
  • Client representation before the European Commission

Furthermore, we provide legal support in matters of EU Law and Competition, State aid and matters of free movement of persons, goods, services and capital, while we have repeatedly represented our clients before EU bodies.