Α. Books

Katerina Kaftani, La fοrmatiοn de la fοnctiοn publique en France: cοntributiοn à la théοrie de la fοnctiοn publique, Paris, L.G.D.J., 1997.

The book has been presented in the "Reνue de Presse des Liνres" of Radiο France.

Β. Articles - Commentaries - Presentations - Book Reviews

  • Katerina Kaftani, The Principle of Formality of The Public Tender, Dioikitiki Diki, 2012, bulletin 3.
  • Katerina Kaftani, The provisional measures of protection in public procurements under the jurisprudence of the Greek Courts. Is the transfer of Directive 89/665/EEC in the Greek Law adequate?, Jurisprudence of Public Works, 2005, bulletin 11-12, 11/60.
  • Katerina Kaftani, Commentary to decisions, no. 2801/1998 of the Council of State, no. 5150/1998 of the Athens Administrative Court of Appeals, no. 94/1999 of the Piraeus Administrative Court of Appeals, Jurisprudence of Public Works Review, 2000, bulletin 13-14.
  • Katerina Kaftani, Public actions. Thoughts arising from decisions no. 6275/1995, 1933/1998 (in plenum) and 1917/1998 (in plenum) of the Council of State, Critical Review of Legal Theory and Practice, 1999, bulletin 2.
  • Katerina Kaftani, Public Law and Terminology, Constitution, 1998, bulletin 5.
  • Katerina Kaftani, The implementation of the employees’ free circulation principle in public administration, Administrative Process Review, 1998, bulletin 2.
  • Katerina Kaftani, Public Servants and the  principle of equality of sexes, Administrative Reform Review, 1997.
  • Katerina Kaftani, Systems for the constitution of the Public Servants Body, (The “career path” system / the “specific position” system), Administrative Reform Review, January-March 1987, bulletin 29.
  • Katerina Kaftani, Οmniprésence et οmniabsence du Temps dans la Lοi (Presence and absence of time in the law), speech in the International Conference "Bissextilia", Athens, February 1996.



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