• • Project: Construction of the National Museum of Contemporary Art.
  • • Project: Construction of the Peiros-Parapeiros Dam in Patra.
  • • Project: Restoration of the Athens Eye Hospital in the aftermath of the September 1999 earthquake.
  • • Project: Provision of services for the maintenance and operation of the Olympic Games’ Venues and Installations.
  • • Project: Water supply of the municipalities and communities of the Ilia Prefecture, sub-project b΄: design and construction of a refinery on the Erymanthos River.
  • • Project: Basic Drainage Collector of the West Thriassio Field.
  • • Project: Construction of the Section of the Larissa-Trikala National Road from location 37+000 up to the Megalochori detour (location 197, 50) and the lateral and
       crossing rural roads.




  • • Construction of Infrastructure from km 14+000 to km 25+000 (big tunnel) of the New Double High Speed Railroad Track of Lianokladi – Domokos.
  • • Extension of the landing/takeoff runway 10-28 (with parallel skater) of the Thessaloniki State Airport “Makedonia” (work no. 2002 SΕ 07730000).
  • • Athens Metropolitan Railway System (Extension of Line 2).
  • • Athens Metropolitan Railway System (Extension of Line 3), Section Aigaleo-Haidari, Haidari Transfer Station, Elaionas Depot, following a tender call by the
       Company Attiko Metro S.A.
  • • Renovation of the Track Infrastructure of the Athens Piraeus Electric Railways (ISAP) and reinforcement of the tunnel from Omonoia to Monastiraki.
  • • Construction of the Acheloos Diversion Tunnel to Thessaly.
  • • Design, construction, financing, operation, exploitation and maintenance of the commercial and transit center for combined transfers in Thriassio Field.
  • • Construction of Peiros-Parapeiros Dam in Patras.
  • • Procurement and installation of an electric power station with diesel-electric units of a net aggregate electric power in local conditions 110÷120 μw, consisting of
      6÷8 with two-stroke or four-stroke diesel engines, fuel oil of low sulfur and possibility to burn natural gas, with ancillary buildings and installations, in the location
      of Piso Kambos and Plaka Steni in the Municipality of south Rhodes.
  • • Construction of the passengers’ buildings, platform and landscaping of the N. Peramos Railroad Station (RS) – Megara RS – Kineta RS – Ag. Theodoron RS – and
       Kiato RS (Α.Δ. 170) ERGOSE .
  • • Vertical road of the 75 Egnatia Motorway: Komotini-Nymfaia-Greek-Bulgarian Boarders (75,0).
  • • AIS Megalopolis – unit III – procurement and installation of fume desulfurization system (Public Power Corporation).
  • • Outsourcing for the Operation of the Hospital Waste Incinerator.
  • • Construction of the Asopos Dam in the Prefecture of Korinthos.
  • • Construction of a settlement consisting of 229 residences in two stores buildings 2,52, 2,53, 2,55, 2.56, of a conference room and two stores of a kind 2,85, along
       with the installations, infrastructure and landscaping works thereof (road construction, water supply and sewer systems, electric lighting of the outside areas,
       etc.), in Karditsa of the Prefecture of Karditsa, under the name “KARDITSA IX” (Workers’ Housing Organization).
  • • New Port of Hgoumenitsa (Completed Phase A').
  • • Construction of the Sections from Athinaio to Leuktro of the Road Tripoli-Kalamata, Ministry of Environment, Land Planning and Public Works.
  • • Completion of works: at the section from km 2+394 to km 8+900 of the Section Rapsommati-Leuktro of the Road Tripoli-Kalamata and the Tunnel Rapsommati
       and Accesses.
  • • Construction of Section of the National Road Larissa-Trikala at the section from km 37+000 up to the top of the Magalochori bypass (km 197, 50) and of the
       parallel and vertical rural roads.
  • • Installations of Waste Processing and Disposal of the Thriassio Field – Work Contract A' –433 (Project of the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company (EYDAP
  • • Athens Waste Processing Center in Psyttaleia (Project of the Athens Water Supply and Sewerage Company - EYDAP SA).
  • • Construction of the new building complex of the vehicle station for electric driven buses in the area of Rouf (Elaionas) Attica.
  • • Garbage Pre-processing Unit from the Waste Management Association of Crete.
  • • Sanitary Landfills Waste Sites (HYTA):
       a) Construction of a Sanitary Landfill Waste Site at O.E.D.A. of North-east Attica at the location “Mavro Vouno” in Grammatiko
       b) HYTA at OEDA of East Attica at the location “Bragoni” in Keratea-Lavreotiki.
  • • Desalination: Water Sanitation Systems for the islands of the Aegean and Ionian Seas.
  • • Filing with RAE (Hellenic Regulatory Authority for Energy) for the granting of Renewable Energy Resources Permits.




  • • Legal support to the Hellenic Railways Organization (OSE) before the Greek Courts with respect to Programme Contracts for the provision of rolling stock
       (Contracts 33A, 35, 39, 41).
  • • Hotel complex “ASTIR”: (a) renovation of hotel complex bungalows (b) construction and installation of networks serving the entire complex and networks
       facilitating bungalows operation (c) construction and electrical-mechanical works for the renovation of the main gate of the complex (d) landscaping of the
       bungalows’ area (e) landscaping and maintenance works of the onshore constructions of the bungalows (f) works for the transformation of the Club House into the
       restaurant Matsuhisa of Athens.
  • • Latseio Center for Burns at the Thriassio Field.
  • • Complex of four star furnished apartments of the company GOLF RESIDENCES S.A. in Hersonissos of Herakleio, Crete” (Phases A and B).
  • • Renaissance of Poseidonio Phases A΄ and B΄ at the Municipality of Spetses.
  • • Construction of computer center in Bucharest, Romania (legal advice, disputes at execution, objections, etc.).

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